How to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger


In this article I’m explaining how you can change blogger to custom domain. Visitors mostly write short address (url) it saves his time & less typing. If you have blogger then your blogger address (url) is very long like and you will change your blogger address into custom domain name like Through custom domain name your url will be short and easy to learn. Few years ago, blogger was very famous. So, mostly people user .blogspot but now only 5% use .blogspot. Everyone change blogger to custom domain. Custom domain looks nice and understandable also. Through custom domain we can remove .blogspot from url. Now read step by step to change blogger to custom domain.

  1. Buy Domain Name 

You can register your domain name by Godaddy, milesweb and other domain providers.

  1. Type New URL in Blog

Sign in to your blog through Gmail. After opening your blog, Click on “Settings > Basic”. Under publishing your blog address is mentioned. Now click on “+Setup a third-party URL for your blog”.

Custom Domain in Blogger


In Blog Address write your new url without .blogspot. Like, After that click on “Save”.

The system will generate Error and provide CNAME details. CNAME full form is Canonical Name. It means domain name uses another domain name IP address. Every domain has unique IP address. Here, CNAME is required because we are transferring our old domain name to new domain name.

The system generated 2 CNAME’S. On the first column, Name mentioned and on second column, Destination mentioned. CNAME is unique for every user. Through this CNAME your .blogspot domain will transfer to your new domain name.

  1. Sign in to Domain Registration Website

In the previous step you generated unique CNAME. Now you have to copy this CNAME to your new domain name settings. Firstly, sign in to Domain Registration Website (like GoDaddy, EasyDNS etc) where you purchased domain (if you have not purchased domain then buy now).

After Sign in to Domain Registration Website your Product page will open automatically. Now, click on “Manage” which is opposite to “Domains”.

“My Domains” page will open. In this page, “DNS” drop down button place in menu bar. Click on “DNS” then click on second option “Manage Zones”.

After click on “Manage Zones”. “DNS Management” page will open. In this page, write your “Domain Name” like and Click on Search. Don’t include “www” in domain name. If you include then error will display. I will sort out this issue in coming steps.

In “DNS Management” page, Records, Name servers & additional features mention. In “Records”, you can see four CNAME’S.

Now, you can easily edit and add CNAME’S. In records, you edit third CNAME and add one new CNAME.

Click on pencil sign of third CNAME. Through this pencil sign you can edit CNAME. We have to edit third CNAME because www is mentioned in this. If you remember, in blog 2 CNAME generated. One CNAME is www.

  1. Add 1st CNAME

Now go to blog where CNAME generated. First CNAME contains name (www) and destination. Copy destination and paste to domain registration website where you click on edit third CNAME. Don’t forget to remove @ where you paste CNAME destination. After that, Click on Save.


  1. Add 2nd CNAME

We generated two CNAME in blogger. One CNAME is saved. Now we have to add another CNAME. Go to Domain Registration Website, Click on Add (right side corner).

After click on add, select Type – CNAME.

Now go to blogger copy 2nd CNAME details like Name and Point To and paste into domain registration website. Click Save. See below screen shots.

Now go to blog and click on Save. Through all these steps Error removed.



Now you can check your both url available in blog like, If user searches for .blogspot then automatically your .com website open. This is known as redirect of url.


After 2-3 minutes your domain redirects .blogspot to .com. Now you open your .com url.


NOTE: If any visitor opens your website without “www” like then your website shows an error page. See below screen shot.


To sort out www issue. Again go to Blogger -> Settings -> Basic -> Publishing. Click on Edit.


Now, click right mark on “Redirect to”. Click on Save.


Go to Domain Registration Website (Godaddy). Click on Add. Now add 4 ANAME’S.


After adding 4 ANAME’S. Your website will open without www.

In this article, we learn how to Change Blogger to Custom Domain. If your blogger not redirect to custom domain after applying these 5 steps then don’t panic. Wait for 24 hours it will redirect automatically.

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