AOMEI Backupper Review: A Powerful Backup Program For Your Diverse Business Needs

AMOEI Backup

In the era of rapid cloud transformation, online backup is not a specialized feat, but it is now the standard for crucial files. Why is it so important? The unprecedented numbers of files in your PC or laptop are the great source of essential information. Any threat may put them at risks and you lose an important document. Backing up your Windows is no more complicated today. It is easier than ever. Amongst many backup software suites out there for Windows, Backupper appears as the leading data backup powerhouse. With features like real-time sync and files copy to an external folder, AOMEI Backupper gives you an edge. 

Our detailed review of AOMEI Backupper, a tool for windows backup software highlights how better you can use it that values your money.

Features and specifications 

As a step towards your backup program, AOMEI backuppper is one of the best free backup software suites with easy-to-use bitmapped interface that even a novice understands its functionalities. Its design and layout is so intuitive offering a better option to securely save your files and the whole system faster. 

Mild interface issues are there that add to your worries. Backupper’s window shrinks when you try to increase Window’s objects’ size. Similarly, the static bitmapped GUI comes up with tiny scaling issues too.

 The latest version 5 has a sleek and modern interface. 

Free version features 

Although it misses key features of paid versions, it still offers better functionalities to users.

Some of the useful backup and restore functionality features are,

  • Whole system backup 
  • File syncing
  • Partition backup
  • Hard disk backup for image files 
  • Backup for media tools such as DVD, CD, and USB drive
  • Disk and image cloning 
  • Data backup 

While backing up your data and files, you can adjust some settings to benefit from efficient backup programs. You can adjust to image compression and even save Window’s Volume Shadow Copy Service for backup without being interrupted by the current operation. 

Paid versions 

Coupled with all the essential features from free versions, the paid version of AOMEI backupper gives you the benefits of imaging of large files and file syncs. 

Paid versions come with technical support, copy installation, system and folder backup, Disk/partition clone, system clone, backup image encryption, real-time file/folder syncs and many more. 


There are different versions available free and paid. Prices vary depending on features designed for Standard and Professional versions. 

It costs $40 with cloning features while a program with lifetime free upgrades is available at $50. 


AOMEI backupper performance is the fastest one with the Standard version for disks and partitions. For other key features, it slows up. However, it does not involve CPU much and hence not affecting the speed of the task.


 AOMEI Backupper is without its own cloud backup option. Hence, the security is dependent upon which cloud service you use. 

User Experience 

Even you use it free, you can benefit greatly. 

  • Protection from WannaCry ransomware 
  • Regular data backup schedules 

Final Thoughts 

Although some glitches are there, AOMEI Backupper is the most efficient software backup tool for professional use. However, you can also use it for basic data backup. Options are immense with this data back program. Determine your needs and get consider the one that meets your business purpose.


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